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Machine Learning Assemblage

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This display creates interest and intrigue. 


Assemblages allow objects to be seen within a different composition. There is a new connection between the disparate elements. The vintage products, I bring together, very often have a design history of their own, but now appear as part of an unusual display. A bit like a 3-D collage.

The frame is constructed in Plane wood with smoke acrylic.. Plane is very hard and has lovely colouration and unusual grain pattern. Included in this Assemblage are a 1970’s BT Phone and a WW11 aircraft gauge. It has functionality too as it performs as a Passive Speaker to amplify sound from the mobile phone through the chrome vessel.  Finally, a smoke tinted LED bulb to illuminate and give occasional lighting in the home or office.

The bulb is a high-quality low energy consumption LED 4 watt with E27 with Edison fitting. It illuminates through a spiral filament with tinted glass finish. Presented with 2.2 metres of cable in black with in-line on/off switch and UK plug

Overall Display size: H:360mm (with bulb) x W 350mm x D:180mm.

Weight 3390g

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