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At Vintage Displays we like selected items from the past for their inherent beauty. Cameras, projectors, sewing machines, motor vehicle parts, radio valves to name a few. Interesting items that may have only had a functional application thirty, forty, even fifty years ago and beyond! However today they can take on a new status if respected and given an unusual presence. That’s what Vintage-Displays is about. Bringing together carefully selected artefacts and creating a new unique display for today. To find a new home (your home) where the décor is selective and uncluttered.

Many of the displays we create form lighting units for table top or free standing show. They give mood lighting and can generate shadows which emanate from the objects within the display itself.

Quality wood features in much of what is produced by Vintage Displays. Natural features retained in the wood and on the right occasions enhanced with the introduction resins to fill natural splits and gaps and allow light to transmit through with dramatic effect.

Finally to complete our introduction. Vintage Displays introduces many functional products of today in the form of threaded rod, nut and bolts and brass screws to complete.