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Set Square Picture Frame (medium)

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Our picture frames are made using old set squares featuring ebony wood and metal inserts. Sliding bevels, boxwood rulers and brass faced spirit levels can all find a place in these collages. The frames are completed with mounted acrylic which has a detachable “window” easily unbolted to allow you to insert a picture, drawing or photograph of your choice. With the ever-growing resurgence and popularity of “Polaroid” pictures, these frames make a great place to display your images and allows the legend of film to live on!

Aprox size: 21cm H x 20cm W x 9cm D (measurements taken without air plants )

Holds photo: Fuji instax mini aprox 5x8cm

Aprox weight: 602g

Please note the assemblages come with an air plant included. Due to stock and availability it may not be the exact plant pictured but we will try our best to get the best plant for your display. We also sell additional plants and plant food. Details on this will be added to the site shortly.