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Air Plant Assemblage

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Vintage Displays fell in love with Air Plants or Tillandsia as they are also known. Just amazing little plants that can be displayed in many different ways. So, we chose to bring them together with beautiful hard wood that has been enhanced by charring to bring out the grain or sometimes a deeper burn to enhance cracks, splits or character in the wood. Then to finish, sealed with a natural oil – wax coating which is water repellent and durable.

The small but intriguing plants are mounted on old car engine valve springs. They just needed a complement in the form of a backdrop to help capture their presence. The vintage heritage was introduced in the form of old mantle clock gongs which help isolate and frame the plants. We hope you like these composite little assemblies that combine nature and vintage to give a unique display.

Aprox size: 17cm H x 14cm W x 9cm D (measurements taken without air plants )

Aprox weight: 472g

Please note the assemblages come with an air plant included. Due to stock and availability it may not be the exact plant pictured but we will try our best to get the best plant for your display. We also sell additional plants and plant food. Details on this will be added to the site shortly.